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How To Start A Blog in 2021?

Blogging Guide For Beginners

Learn the nuances, tips, and tricks of starting your own blogging site and the strategies to make money from it.

Need to begin a blog and make a profession as a blogger?

Definitely! It’s feasible to do both simultaneously!


Wait a Second, What Is BLOGGING?

A BLOG according to Wikipedia is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

In simple terms, a Blog is a piece of information on any topic which you would love to share with the world in the exchange of their suggestions or feedbacks or thoughts, or even money. The process of gathering this information, plotting it in a very understandable manner, and presenting it to your audience in a very attractive way is called Blogging.

Some people start Blogging as they are passionate about it and some start it for monetization purposes Which group would you belong to is completely left to your judgment.

Who wouldn’t want to follow their passion and earn passive income at the same time?

The most common reasons why people start blogging include:

  • Sharing the fresh knowledge that has been gained
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts
  • Making money and passive income are two different things.
  • You can review free devices and other things.
  • There is no cost to travel.

How To Start A Blog From Scratch With Absolute Zero Experience?

Starting a new blogging site as a new business or hobby is the perception which varies from person to person. How do you want to perceive Blogging should be completely your own decision. However, our honest and prompt attempt here is to provide the right pathway for your new journey in the roads of Blogging. 

Feel free to grab your copy of the guide on how to start a blog from scratch with absolutely ZERO experience.


WordPress & Blogging

Before starting your journey with blogging, it is important to understand the term “WordPress” and its benefits.

We will discuss the details and comparison of WordPress with other blogging platforms in our guide, however, feel free to go through the free 1-hour course available for your reference.

More Courses

Feel free to explore our other courses based on the various methods of Passive income such as Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Creating Online courses, etc..

We are in the continuous process of adding more and more courses for our audiences over the period time.

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Recommended Tools

Take a look at the tools recommended by our experts which are going to be very useful and be an essential part of your journey to success. 

Check out our recommendations starting from domain hosting to content creation to Graphic designing to Marketing Tools to SEO & Traffic Tools & finally some recommendations to learn some courses based on various sources of passive income.

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